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  • Vėjo greičio ir temperatūros matuoklis

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  • Dimensions
    to record wind speed
    Operating temperature range
    -10 ~ +50 ˚C
    storage temperature
    -40 ~ +60˚C
    Battery type
    3x1.5V; AAA
    Temperature measurement range
    -10 ~ +45 / 14~113 ˚C
    Display type
    backlit LCD
    Measuring unit
    m/s, ft/min, knots, km/h, mph, Beaufort scale
    Tripod thread size
    1/4" (6.35mm) 20UNC
    Tripod included
    Date Hold
    wind chill, the highest value of the current measurement (MAX), the average value from about the last 20 measurements, automatic data saving
    Low battery indicator
    Reading resolution
    0.1 m/s, 19 ft/min, 0.1 knots - knots, 0.3 km/h, 0.2 mph
    Measurement memory
    Automatic shutdown
    yes, 10 minutes
    Screen refresh rate
    2 times per second
    Temperature measurement accuracy
    ±2 / ±3.6 ˚C/˚F
    Air velocity measurement range
    0~30 m/s, 0~5860 ft/min, 0~55 knots - knots, 0~90 km/h, 0~65 mph
    Initial measurement threshold
    0.3 m/s, 60 ft/min, 0.6 knots - knots, 1 km/h, 0.7 mph
    Accuracy of air velocity measurement
    ±5% ±0.1 m/s, ±5% ±20 ft/min, ±5% ±0.2 knots, ±5% ±0.4 km/h, ±5% ±0.2 mph
    Wind speed meter (anemometer, anemometer) is a device for recording wind speed in the five most popular units and on the Beaufort scale. With its help, we will check the airflow speed in air conditioning systems, ventilation efficiency, or even the wind speed during hobby drone flights or RC models. In addition to the wind speed, the meter allows you to control the ambient temperature.

    Simple operation, large digits on the display, a number of functions facilitating work and a profiled housing that fits perfectly in the hand make working with this meter easy and pleasant.

    Wind chill: when the temperature of the air flowing through the measuring sensor drops
    below 0°C, the display will show "WINDCHILL" indicating that the measurement is in progress
    wind chill factor was taken into account.
    Max button: freezes the highest value of the current measurement on the screen
    AVG button: shows the average of the last 20 measurements in real time
    Data hold button: Pressing the HOLD button will freeze the current measurement value on the screen
    Automatic data saving: the device allows you to automatically save 1000 measurements every 10 seconds
    The device automatically turns off after 10 minutes of inactivity. The setting can be deactivated when turning on the device.
    Technical data:

    screen refresh rate: 2 times per second
    wind speed measurement range: m/s - 0~30, ft/min - 0~5860, knots - 0~55, km/h - 0~90, mph - 0~65
    initial measurement threshold: m/s - 0.3, ft/min - 60, knots - 0.6, km/h - 1, mph - 0.7
    resolution: 0.1
    accuracy: m/s - ±5%+0.1, ft/min - ±5%+20, knots - ±5%+0.2, km/h - ±5%+0.4, mph - ±5 %+0.2
    ambient temperature measurement range: -10°C - +45°C
    resolution: 0.1°C
    accuracy: ±2°C
    backlit screen
    power supply: 3xAAA
    1/4'' tripod socket
    dimensions: 56*187*36mm
    weight: 112g (without batteries)