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Užlūžusių kaitinimo žvakių išėmimo rinkinys M10x1.0

  • Užlūžusių kaitinimo žvakių išėmimo rinkinys M10x1.0

    Kodas: 8699
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  • Description
    ensures the correct removal of burned-in, corroded or broken-off glow plugs
    allows repairing of the glow plug retaining thread without removing the cylinder head
    defective original thread M10 x 1 is repaired by insertion of a new threaded sleeve
    suitable for Mercedes CDI-engines OM 611, 612, 613, 628, 646 (not EVO), 647, 648
    includes the following tools:

    puller and sliding hammer for removing of stuck and broken glow plugs
    reamers for reaming of the defective thread
    tap M10 x 1 and M12 x 1
    centering sleeve for reamers and taps
    special step drills and taps for removal of broken glow plugs
    12 thread repair sleeves M12 x 1 to M10 x 1
    compressed air adaptor
    Technical data
    Gross weight 3750 g