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  • Universalus veržliarakčio ilgintuvo adapteris 12.5mm. (1/2")

    Kodas: H7017
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    Essen Tools
  • Wrench extender adaptor designed to hook over a spanner to provide extra leverage, particularly useful for loosening tight or seized fasteners. Features a v-shape hook and both a 1/2"" square drive and 21mm Hex drive allowing it to be used with either a power bar or spanner. A simple, useful tool manufactured from durable forged steel with black finish.

    Spanner extender, provides extra leverage to loosen rusty, tight or seized fasteners in hard to reach areas.
    Size: 80mm x 50mm.
    Simple, hook over universal design to fit a wide range of wrenches and spanners.
    1/2""D or 21mm Hex drive for use with a spanner or power bar.
    Robust forged steel, with durable black finish.