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Trumpų terkšlių rinkinys 3vnt. (1/4") / (3/8") / (1/2")

  • Trumpų terkšlių rinkinys 3vnt. (1/4") / (3/8") / (1/2")

    Kodas: S4129
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  • 1/4"" Dr x 85mm long
    3/8"" Dr x 100mm long
    1/2"" Dr x 130mm long
    This High Quality 3pc Ratchet Handle Set Has Been Designed With
    A 72 Tooth Ratchet Mechanism.
    This Means That You Only Have A 5 Degree Movement Between Clicks
    Which Is Ideal For Working In Tight Spaces, Where Most Standard Ratchets
    Would Not Be Able To Make A Click Making Your Job Almost Impossible To
    Carry Out & Very Time Consuming"