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    Kodas: 35061
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  • Product description
    A form for making a pattern of paving stones in poured fresh concrete, imitating tiles or stones. The mold is made of hard polypropylene (PP), which makes it reusable.

    dimensions approx. 400 x 440 mm
    mold height: 40 mm
    In order to obtain the best effect in a short time, it is worth using several forms, simultaneously impressing a pattern from, for example, four segments.

    Purpose / Application
    For finishing and decorating garden paths, terraces, stairs, floors and other fragments of concrete screeds. We obtain an initial outline of tiles or stones to be laid. The achieved effect will be increased by finishing the pattern by grouting or coloring it with special concrete agents.
    Usage method
    In the prepared concrete screed, place / press carefully / the selected form in such a way that it can be pulled out after the concrete has solidified. After removing the mold, we obtain a concave pattern on the prepared substrate corresponding to the selected form. After finishing work, wash the mold, removing the remnants of the material.
    Technical data
    Index number 35061
    EAN 5906083066870
    Vorel brand
    Gross weight (kg) 0.8000
    Master Carton MC 10