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Tinko šlifavimo mašinėlė su dulkių siurbliu ir led 225mm. 820W

  • Tinko šlifavimo mašinėlė su dulkių siurbliu ir led 225mm. 820W

    Kodas: YT-82355
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  • YT-82355 plaster sander with built-in vacuum cleaner and LED lighting /

    power: 820W
    the brushless motor provides the power for efficient grinding and drives the vacuum cleaner built into the grinding head
    LED lighting: this function means that, regardless of the time of day and lighting, you can see all unevenness and you can make a perfect layer of plaster in one go (LED power 10W)
    Adjustable grinding speed 600-1800 rpm
    Effective dust extraction system without the need for a vacuum cleaner - the dust is sucked into a cloth bag held on your shoulder - much more convenient than dragging a heavy vacuum cleaner behind you, and cheaper because you don't need bags or a vacuum cleaner with a shaker, filters, etc.
    225mm grinding head (round pad) - article number YT-82353
    The handle made of high-quality aluminum unfolds to a length that allows you to easily grind walls and ceilings without a ladder up to a height of 4m while standing on the floor
    The suction hose is flexible, and the absence of the need to connect a vacuum cleaner gives you freedom of movement and significantly accelerates your work progress.
    The operator does not have to drag the vacuum cleaner behind him or put it on the scaffolding when working on the facades (sanding the adhesive mortar before the structural plaster)
    Matching 225mm eight-hole sanding sheets are the article numbers: YT-83471 through YT-83477 (P60 through P240)