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Terkšlė akumuliatorinė smūginė -12.5 mm (1/2")- 12V 2,0AH 45 NM

  • Terkšlė akumuliatorinė smūginė -12.5 mm (1/2")- 12V 2,0AH 45 NM

    Kodas: YT-82902
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  • Product description
    A cordless ratchet recommended for working in narrow, hard to reach spaces and where the accessories in the engine compartment of the car do not allow for efficient loosening and tightening of screws or bolts.


    easily accessible switch, constructed like in pneumatic devices, guarantees comfortable use, also in working gloves
    hammer function and torque 45 Nm optimal for work with screws in the M6-M14 range
    the possibility of changing the direction of rotation of the right / left
    speed control in the range of 0-250 rpm
    included: 2 Ah YT-82909 battery, 1 hour charger, 12, 13, 14 and 17 mm sockets with a 3/8 "tip and adapter for the most popular ½" tips