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  • Skylės pjūklas Ø 68mm. gylis 40mm.

    Kodas: 50368
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  • Description
    for drilling holes in carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum and wood
    made of strong, break-proof and stable material to create breakthroughs
    right-hand cutting
    variable tooth pitch (4/6 tooth)
    high concentricity accuracy
    good chip removal
    to be used with cordless or electric hand drills
    suitable for holesaw attachment bracket, with pilot drill (BGS 50399)
    cutting depth up to max.: 40 mm
    max. drive speed carbon steel: 130 r.p.m.
    max. drive speed stainless steel: 65 r.p.m.
    max. drive speed cast iron: 85 r.p.m.
    max. drive speed brass: 170 r.p.m.
    max. drive speed aluminum: 195 r.p.m.
    max. drive speed wood: 1800 r.p.m.
    Technical data
    Material HSS-Bi-Metall
    Packaging suitable for wall hanging Yes
    Gross weight 224 g
    Female thread M16 x 1,5