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  • Skiedinio maišytuvas 2 greičiai 1600W

    Kodas: YT-82607
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  • Product description
    YT-82607 1600W stirrer II gears with a mixer with a diameter of 140mm

    The machine allows you to mix gypsum mortars (plasters, coats) as well as cement masonry mortars, self-leveling screeds, tile adhesives
    In the first gear, the low speed is adjusted to air binders (drying when exposed to air) - it extends the time of open work on the wall because you can apply mixed, but not air-entrained mortar and process it with a trowel for longer than with an ordinary mixer (smooth out irregularities gradually)
    The agitator can mix up to 140L of mortar in one cycle thanks to the high torque, powerful motor and large diameter of the mixer (140mm)
    This is a key feature when working with the currently fashionable quick-setting anhydrite screeds or cement leveling compounds, because you can pour, for example, a bathroom floor in one cycle without the risk that the subfloor poured in several layers will detach from the screed.
    The convenient position of the handles is to facilitate the work of the operator because it does not require bending down in a forced position while mixing the mortar, which is important when we need to quickly make a thin-layer facade for a fiber mesh in one cycle.
    The standard M14 thread means that after the mixer is worn out, we can easily replace it with a new one
    The machine housing is designed to increase resistance to splashes and dust, characteristic of working with dry mixes mixed with water.