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    Kodas: MS007
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  • This unit can weld meson pads, twist pads, wavy wires, nails 2.0mm, nails 2.5mm and shrinking functions.

    • Saving time. Improving efficiency and saving working hours is crucial to the auto maintenance industry, H-007 is just the one who can meet these demands.

    • Saving effort. Reducing labor intensity is the key to improve efficiency. With lightweight construction and compact design, H-007 saves the operator substantial energy.

    • Saving maintenance costs. H-007 is designed with high-tech independent research and development, no need for maintenance, saving money and time for owners.

    • Saving power. Saving power is a great advantage of H-007, its power usage is less than 10% of traditional spot welders.

    Ideal for workshops, right down to your home repairer.

    Perfect for cost saving, when purchasing any dent repair or ezy beat machine. Comes complete with all tools required to complete the job. Great for apprentice through to
experienced, who want to do the odd job from home. We run a motorcycle repair business in Sydney's South West and use this most days, mainly on our fuel tanks, and 
have now introduced this to many colleagues with great success, in both motorcycle and automotive repair workshops. This is one of the only kits on the market that comes
with shrinking tip as well.