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Rankinis kėbulo įdubų be dažymo ištraukiklis

  • Rankinis kėbulo įdubų be dažymo ištraukiklis

    Kodas: SK4320
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  • "Quickly grip studs (pull pins) with the jaws and using the pad as a leverage point , effortlessly pull the dent out. No more cumbersome banging with a slide hammer, no more guessing if you pulled enough. You have direct control over the pull.
    A strong reinforced Metal lever with pivoting base and self-locking stud clamp mechanism allows the technician to quickly lock and lever studs while also compressing the crown area of the dent with the pivoting base. Adjustable pivot base on the Stud Lever allows one-handed operation and provides increased leverage, accuracy and reach for the pull and crown compression processes both vertical and horizontal, including roofs and lower rocker panels