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Rankinė lenta betonui išlyginti vibracinė galvutė 120 X 20cm.

  • Rankinė lenta betonui išlyginti vibracinė galvutė 120 X 20cm.

    Kodas: YT-30900
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    Profesionalių įrankių linija.

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  • Product description
    The strip is used to smooth concrete poured over large surfaces. A special vibrating head mounting the strip causes cyclical changes in its position and, consequently, a better smoothed concrete surface. The operator can use the slat to smooth the surface at a distance of approx. 5 m from the place where he is standing.

    The strip (set) consists of five elements:

    a smoothing plate with rounded sides, made of hardened aluminum (plate dimensions: 120 x 20 cm; thickness approx. 6 mm)
    vibrating head mounted on a bar and folded
    3 segments of a light aluminum pole (3x 180 cm; diameter approx. 45 mm)
    Purpose / application
    For effective smoothing of freshly poured concrete. The operating range of the cutterbar is about 5 m from the operator.
    Usage method
    While smoothing the concrete, you should rhythmically rotate the handle to the left and then to the right. This movement is converted in the head into the movement of the working plate, smoothing the concrete. This increases the effectiveness and efficiency of work.
    Contents of the package
    working bar 1 pc, vibration head 1 pc, tube for folding the handle 3 pcs