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  • Raktas pastoliams dvipusis terkšlinis 19x22 mm

    Kodas: 52936
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  • Indekso numeris 52936
    EAN 5906083529368
    Gamintojas Vorel
    Bendras svoris (kg) 0,5000
    [mm] 19x22
    Ilgis [mm] 315
    medžiaga plienas
    elementų [vnt.] 1

    Product description
    Two-sided socket wrench with 19x22 mm ratchet Vorel 52936. Made of tempered steel, forged with ratchet mechanism. Key surface oxidized black. Thanks to its unique construction, they perform well in difficult assembly or demolition works. Especially resistant to dirt and external influences. The very long key frame makes it easy to unscrew difficult rusted connections, and the sharpened tip serves to undo and disassemble the removed parts by replacing a small spoon or a crowbar. A riveted ratchet switch made in a way that changes the direction of work without removing the glove. Hole in the handle designed for keying and security at work at altitude.
    Technical data
    Index number 52936
    EAN 5906083529368
    Marka Vorel
    PCS unit
    Gross Weight (kg) 0.5000
    Master Carton MC 40
    Pal 480
    Size of the cap [mm] 19x22
    Length [mm] 315
    material steel
    Number of items [pcs] 1