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  • Raiberis 15mm.

    Kodas: 62606
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    Profesionalių įrankių linija.

    Prekės ženklas
  • for cleaning nozzle seating area and nozzle chamber
    before changing and replacing the injection nozzle
    or if nozzle has a leak
    - turn manually and apply soft pressure for clean fit of
    the cylinder head and the nozzle and for cleaning the
    nozzle chamber
    - can also be used with 13 / 17 mm sockets
    - 15.5 mm grinding head diameter for nozzle shaft and
    fitting the nozzle in the cylinder head, length 230 mm
    - 20.0 mm grinding head diameter for nozzle cleaning
    at the nozzle, length of grinding head is 35 mm