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Prisisiurbiantis kėliklis ypač stiprus 32kg. Ø 150mm.

  • Prisisiurbiantis kėliklis ypač stiprus 32kg. Ø 150mm.

    Kodas: YT-37223
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  • Product description
    Windshield holder with a vacuum pump. The handle body is made of nylon. It has a flat rubber suction cup with a diameter of 152 mm / 6 "/. Capacity 32 kg / 70 lbs /. The grip should be used on clean, smooth and non-porous surfaces, at a temperature of -18 ° to 49 °. It is especially useful for handling glass, laminated table tops, sheets, etc. The product can lift 125% of the rated load for more than 10 minutes
    Purpose / application
    For the easy, safe handling of flat, non-porous components such as glass, laminated tops, sheet metal, ceramic plates, etc.
    Usage method
    Press the flat side of the handle / the rubber suction cup / against the material, then carefully press the pump button several times protruding from the handle.
    The negative pressure it creates causes the grip to stick firmly to the material. We release the handle with the knob on the handle.