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  • Prisisiurbiantis kėliklis ypač stiprus 20cm. 8"

    Kodas: VSC8-B
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  •  Material-Sucking Natural rubber
    Material-Handle: Reinforced nylon
    Vertical suction:160kgs
    single exhaust system The Matchwill high-performance vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 8 inches is robust and durable and can be quickly absorbed on a flat, non-porous surface. It is very suitable for lifting and moving glass, tiles, refrigerators, furniture, plastics, metals, slate plates and electrical appliances.
    The Matchwill vacuum cleaner is made of high-strength, high-quality rubber and ABS plastic. The ABS plastic handle of the suction cup is ergonomically designed, firm and comfortable and has a very good anti-slip effect. The suction cup has a very strong suction power and can work at a temperature of -20°C to 60°C and maintain a vacuum for 4 hours. The lifting load range of this tool is 160kgs max
    The Matchwill vacuum cleaner has been specially developed for curved surfaces. The suction cup offers plenty of space. It can lift curved objects such as bathtubs, washing machines etc. and can also be used on flat surfaces. You just need to place the suction cup on a non-porous smooth surface or flat surface. And then pump as much negative pressure into the suction cup until the red warning line disappears.
    The red indicator line warns the user of vacuum loss of the teat. When the red line appears, you only need to pump the plunger with your thumb without removing the suction cup from the surface of the object, so that the suction cup can tighten the surface of the object firmly for a long time.