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Pripūtimo pistoletas akumuliatorinis su skaitmeniniu manometru

  • Pripūtimo pistoletas akumuliatorinis su skaitmeniniu manometru

    Kodas: 3380
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  • Description

    very handy and powerful battery air pump
    wide range of applications in connection with exchangeable valve attachments
    suitable for inflating vehicle and bicycle tires and inflatable toys and sports articles
    for screwing the hose (length: 135 mm) on the valves
    digital LCD display for setting the desired tire pressure
    pressure units: 10.3 bar (150 PSI)
    air compressor can be operated using two different power sources
    incl. charging cable with connection to the cigarette lighter plug
    incl. lithium-ion battery with power supply unit
    with LED lamp to illuminate the work area
    visual battery status display with 3 LEDs
    auto-stop function as soon as the preset tire pressure is reached
    LED light

    Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
    Amperage: 4.5 A
    Peak current: 8 A
    USB output: 5 V / 1 A

    scope of delivery:

    1 battery air pump
    1 lithium-ion battery 12 V
    1 battery adapter with 12 V car charging cable (1 m) for cigarette lighter plug
    1 adapter in the shape of a needle (for sports equipment and balls)
    2 adapters conical tip (for boats, air mattresses and swimming aids)
    1 charger, 110 - 240 V / 14.8 V (0.8 A)

    Technical data
    Packaging suitable for wall hanging No
    Gross weight 1620 g
    Accumulator type Li-Ion
    Rated voltage 12 V

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    Akumuliatorinis pripūtimo pistoletas su manometru
    Kodas: YT-82894

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