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  • Pripučiama montavimo pagalvė 130X270mm.

    Kodas: 39002
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  • Product description
    Mounting cushion, pneumatic. Pillow dimensions 130 x 270 mm. Capacity 135 kg, lifting height max. 50 mm. The length of the hose with a plastic control valve is 250 mm. Cushions made of reinforced polypropylene. The thickness of the cushions before inflation is approx. 2 mm. The color of the pillows is blue.
    Purpose / application
    Pillows intended for lifting assembled elements and devices, e.g. furniture, countertops, refrigerators, washing machines as well as embedded frames and window frames. Also used by automotive services for emergency opening of car doors.
    Usage method
    The emptied pillow / thickness approx. 2 mm / place it under the lifted element, close the valve on the hose and press the pump to introduce air into the pillow, gradually lifting the element. If you want to lower it - by gently pressing the button - you open the valve, gradually letting out the air

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    Pripučiama montavimo pagalvė 270x130mm.
    Kodas: YT-67383

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