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  • For professional and gentle cutting out of glued vehicle windows, suitable for cut-out glass cutting cords
    gentle working without cutting blades or metal wire
    special cutting cord has a cutting performance comparable to conventional metal cutting wires, but is soft and flexible at the same time
    prevents damage to paintwork or interior trim
    simple and fast handling
    three tool positions are sufficient to cut out the vehicle window
    scope of delivery:

    1 separating cord holder with rubber suction cup
    1 deflection device with rubber suction cup
    1 winding device with rubber suction cup
    1 outglazing separating cord on reel
    1 plastic lever clip
    1 reversible ratchet | external square 6.3 mm (1/4") (BGS 615)
    1 socket, hexagon | 6.3 mm (1/4") drive | 7 mm (BGS 2479)
    1 fitting protection
    1 parting awl | 330 mm (BGS 67202)
    Technical data
    Gross weight 3802 g