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Priedas daugiafunkciniam įrankiui BIM-TIN 90mm. / 65mm.

  • Priedas daugiafunkciniam įrankiui BIM-TIN 90mm. / 65mm.

    Kodas: YT-34703
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  • Product description
    The BiM-TiN saw blade (bimetallic steel alloy with a blade coated with titanium nitride, cuts steel without hardening the teeth) is designed for plunge cuts, along circular and oblique lines for sheet metal (roof tile, inox, car body) as well as for cutting hard wood and laminates (board flooring, plywood from deciduous trees, MDF furniture board and chipboards: OSB and MFP boards, shuttering plywood.

    The shape and increased length of the blade will allow for longitudinal and plunge cutting, cutting elements with simultaneous reciprocating movement, speeding up cutting, as well as working with the saw blade by cyclically changing the inclination of the cutting angle (movement resembling a hand saw)