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Poliravimo antgalis - 6 mm antgalis - 100 mm

  • Poliravimo antgalis - 6 mm antgalis - 100 mm

    Kodas: SK386602
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    Essen Tools
  • Designed to suit drills.It easily comes in tight corners such as fairings of motorcycles, car sprayers, attachments, rims, mirror caps, door rebates etc. perfect for all jobs and is designed to revive pig iron, brushed aluminum, stainless steel etc. to blow. The soft polishing ball: can easily be used in combination with a (manual) drill, but it is also possible to attach it to an electric drill, making it possible to clean and polish even faster and better. The Polishing Ball is really a multi-functional 'cleaning tool' that is ideal for cleaning wheels, rims, edges and places that are really hard to reach or that are very small and narrow. This soft polishing ball is suitable for processing all our waxes, sealants and glazes. This polishing ball relieves manual polishing and at the same time improves the polishing result. Some features: Simple and precise polishing The tensioning pin, round 6 mm, fits both in a cordless screwdriver and in a drill with a conventional tensioner Suitable for all surfaces Also comes in hard to reach places and in every corner Does not overheat. The sponge is removable to preferably clean with warm water. Ideal for polishing and cleaning of cast iron wheels to chrome and painted rims. Also ideal for cleaning and 'buffing' of small mirrors and headlights. Cleans and leaves a perfect finish and shine on metal parts, painted parts, clear paint and all kinds of rims.