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Pneumatinis smūginis veržliasukis 12,5mm. (1/2") 1650 Nm.

  • Pneumatinis smūginis veržliasukis 12,5mm. (1/2") 1650 Nm.

    Kodas: 74411
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    Prekės ženklas

    compact and powerful air impact wrench for use in industry and workshops
    with high-performance double hammer impact mechanism
    powerful maximum loosening torque of 1650 Nm in addition with compact design
    with practical switch lever (counterclockwise rotation / clockwise rotation)
    3-way torque preselection adjustable in clockwise rotation
    with non-slip, ergonomic handle and housing for improved operation and handling
    exhaust air duct routed downwards through the handle
    max. loosening torque (counterclockwise): 1650 Nm
    max. loosening torque (clockwise): 1150 Nm
    vibration level (ahd): 6.113 m/s²
    vibration level (K): 1.5 m/s²
    Technical data
    Drive profile size, metric 12,5 mm
    Drive profile size, inch 1/2 "
    Output profile External square
    Gross weight 2505,6 g
    Max. drive speed 8000 rpm
    Max. working torque 850 Nm
    Operating pressure 6,2 bar
    Direction of rotation Right / Left
    Compressed air connection 1/4 "
    Air consumption 226 l/min
    Max. sound pressure level 90 dB(A)
    Max. sound power level 102 dB(A)
    Recommended hose inner diameter 10 mm