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Plytelių pjovimo įrankis, keraminėms plokštėms iki 320cm.

  • Plytelių pjovimo įrankis, keraminėms plokštėms iki 320cm.

    Kodas: YT-36980
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  • Product description
    Cutter for ceramic plates up to approx. 320 cm long. The kit includes:

    three rails - guides made of aluminum
    four mounting suction cups that are rail connectors
    one knife on four rollers for guiding along the guide.
    The set includes manual pliers for breaking the cut plate and a wide handle for breaking larger pieces of the plate. The set is packed in a bag - a thick nylon cover.

    The cutting element is a ball-bearing fork wheel with a diameter of 22 mm. It can be pressed by the operator against the material during cutting. The cutter is designed for cutting large ceramic plates with a thickness of 3 to 8 mm. Maximum cutting length approx. 320 cm.

    Directions for use:
    depending on the size of the board to be cut, one, two or three combined guides are attached to its surface.
    attach the trolley with the cutting unit to the guide mounted on the suction cups
    By moving the knife along the guide, press it carefully against the surface of the plate, obtaining the required incision
    breaking is done using the pliers or breaker included in the set

    Purpose / application
    For cutting large ceramic tiles.
    Cutting length [mm]: 3200
    Max plate thickness [mm]: 8
    Application: Cutting tiles