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    Kodas: 09173
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  • Product description
    The gun is made of stainless steel, brass and resistant plastics. For the application of foams from typical screw-in containers.
    Purpose / Application
    A foam gun for mounting foam designed for precise dosing of PU foam from typical cylinders available on the market. It can be used multiple times, facilitates the performance of such works as: sealing, installation of windows and doors, filling gaps in insulation, sealing and insulation of partition walls and insulation of walls and roofs
    Technical data
    Index number 09173
    EAN 5906083091735
    Vorel brand
    Gross weight (kg) 0.6000
    Master Carton MC 20
    Inner Box IB 10
    Pile 240
    Material brass, plastic, stainless steel
    The surface is polished / satin