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  • Padidinimo akiniai dedami ant galvos su rinkiniu

    Kodas: YT-73842
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  • Product description
    Double lens placed on one glass made of polycarbonate, mounted on the head with a light, adjustable, plastic headband. The lens holder has a double led lamp, which improves the visibility of the detail being viewed. Interchangeable magnifiers provide 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x magnification, 3.5 x
    Purpose / Application
    For observation of processed details, e.g. jewelry, watchmaking, graphic. Head-mounted loupes allow both hands to work.
    Technical data
    Index number YT-73842
    EAN 5906083055249
    Brand Yato
    Gross weight (kg) 0.1970
    Master Carton MC 40
    Pal 360