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    Kodas: B2181
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  • Manual Tire Bead Breaker

    Breaking the tire bead doesn’t have to be the most difficult part of changing tires - this Manual Tire Bead Breaker makes it easy.
    Convenient-For working on tire without removing the wheel from tractor, being suitable for 38"" and 42"" 14-ply farm tractor for your tire operation
    Versatile: Will handle 38” and 42” 14-ply farm tractor and backhoe tires with drop center rims to small ATV and lawn mower tires.
    Operates with an manual wrench-Easy to use with simple hand tools, it provides stabilization and balance ideally under heavy wheels.
    Break Where You Want: Break the inside and outside beads while the tractor tire/wheel is still mounted on the tractor, or with the tire/wheel laying flat on the ground.