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  • Lempa nuo vabzdžių su ventiliatoriumi UV-A 15W

    Kodas: 67012
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  • Product description
    UVA insect killer lamp with a fan to attract and catch flying insects such as mosquitoes, midges, wasps, moths and others. The device uses powerful bulbs with a wavelength of 365 nm and a range of operation of 60 m2. After the insects are pulled in by the fan, they are stored in a container with a unique funnel that blocks the chance of escape. An additional advantage is the carrying handle and a durable 1.9m long cable


    Power: 15W, 220-240V 50 / 60Hz - low power consumption guarantees high energy efficiency
    Range of operation: 60m2 - it will cover small and medium-sized and large rooms
    UVA 56V / 7W bulb - attractive for flying insects and safe for people. A unique bulb on the market with a relatively low lifetime, but exceptional efficiency. Strong light beam and 360 ° operation
    It is possible to buy a LUND 67019 bulb
    UV waves: 365nm - the range that research shows is the best at bringing insects
    Bulb lifetime: 3000h - the use of effective bulbs that will last for many months

    The transparent housing near the bulb gives a wider field of action for the UV light
    A fan that draws insects inside with a DC motor
    Built-in insect container. The ability to quickly unscrew and pour out the content
    A unique funnel-shaped net in the insect container prevents insects from escaping outside
    Also, unique on the market, the inclusion of the device by moving the grille. Turning off the lamp simultaneously closes the inlet and prevents insects from escaping from the inside of the lamp
    Convenient carrying handle
    Material: metal mesh, ABS - characterized by very high hardness, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, bumps and dents. Additionally, it is resistant to various chemical factors.
    The metal mesh allows you to view the effectiveness of the device
    Long, thick power cord: 1.9m
    A wide, stable base
    Product size: 15 x 38cm

    Attracting insects with a UVA lamp towards the fan
    Pulling insects in with a fan blast through the funnel into the container
    Trapping insects in a container with almost complete limitation of escape provided by a funnel unique on the market

    UV-A light is attractive to flying insects, it can lure them into a trap from several or in some models even several meters
    No emissions of environmentally harmful substances - chemicals and aerosols. Also safe for people and animals
    The product does not emit any odors
    Quiet operation of the device. No unpleasant and loud electric shock noise that can be heard in insect killer lamps using high grid voltage
    Compared to lamps that operate on the principle of electric shock, the fan additionally attracts them and pulls them into the basket. Thanks to this, it is sometimes more effective, as there is no need for the insect to sit on the net
    Easy cleaning, insects won't stick to the lamp. Just unscrew the container and pour out the contents

    Modern design
    Range and quality of operation thanks to a 56V / 7W bulb
    Insect container with a funnel to prevent escape
    Unique system of switching the device on and off
    Long, thick and durable cord
    Possibility to replace the UVA bulb with the Lund 67019

    Children's rooms, kindergartens
    Gardens, balconies, terraces (on rainless days and nights)
    Shops and bakeries
    Insect killer lamps that attract insects with a UV lamp have the greatest operating range and effectiveness at night. To achieve maximum results, place the lamp away from other light sources, both electric and natural. UV light should be clearly visible