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Lempa dedama ant galvos lygus žibinto reguliavimas / judesio daviklis 800LM AKU OSRAM LED

  • Lempa dedama ant galvos lygus žibinto reguliavimas / judesio daviklis 800LM AKU OSRAM LED

    Kodas: YT-08594
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  • Product description
    Very strong and functional Yato headlamp with continuously adjustable light up to 800lm. Four operating modes allow you to adjust the lighting to the activities and battery charge level. The built-in motion sensor allows you to turn the lamp on and off with a wave of your hand. In addition, the headlamp has a number of amenities - adjustable lighting angle, detachable from the belt, magnetic base and battery charge indicator. The headlamp is powered by a high-capacity lithium-ion battery that provides 1.5 to 5 hours of operation.


    Two types of diodes allow you to adjust the type of diode to the illuminated area - the light can be focused or diffused. The combination of both LEDs gives the strongest light of 480lm
    Lumens: 800lm
    4 operating modes: 600lm (SST40 100%) / 250lm (SST40 30%) / 250lm (COB 100%) / 800lm (SST40 + COB)
    Holding the on / off button - smooth light adjustment from 10% to 100% (for each function)
    Sensor button: operation in the mode with a motion sensor - turning on and off the headlamp after waving your hand in front of the sensor (for each function)

    Battery: LI-ION 3.7V 2200mAh
    Working time: 1.5-5 hours. Operating mode: 2.5h (SST40 100%) / 5h (SST40 30%) / 4.5h (COB) / 1.5h (SST40 + COB)
    Charging time: 4h
    Charging: USB cable

    Material: aluminum, ABS
    Flexible, adjustable and breathable headband
    Lighting angle adjustment - 4 levels (max 60 degrees)
    The headlamp can be detached from the headband
    Magnetic base (can be used as a reflector)
    Phosphorescence - the rim around the LEDs - shines in the dark with its own light for several dozen minutes after prior exposure
    Battery charge indicator - 30-100% battery (green light), 5-30% battery (red light), less than 5% battery (red light blinking)
    Motion sensor
    IP54 waterproof
    Drop resistance: 1m
    Size: 82 x 41 x 53.5mm
    Weight: 129g

    ABS - it is characterized by very high hardness, which makes it highly resistant to scratches, impacts and dents. Additionally, it is resistant to various chemical factors.

    IP54 - protection against access to hazardous parts by wire and protection against dust as well as protection against splashes of water from any direction