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    Kodas: YT-73122
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  • Product description
    Tape measure with a 5m x 19mm steel tape and a laser distance measurer with a measuring range from 0.2 to 40 m. It also has a functional cross laser. Accuracy of indications +/- 2 mm. / 40 m. It is distinguished by simple and intuitive operation. The basic functions are the change of measurement units / meters, inches, feet /, measurement from the back or front wall of the housing, sum of measurements, calculation of area, volume, trigonometric measurements, memory of 20 measurements, automatic switch-off. We read the results on the LCD screen. It has sound signaling. A tape measure with a steel tape, 5 m long, yellow in color, with millimeter and inch graduations. The durable housing is made of ABS plastic, additionally reinforced with black plastic covers. The cassette has a clip for attaching and a lanyard. Power supply -2 1.5 V AAA batteries. Dimensions: height 80 mm, width 85 mm, thickness 50 mm.
    Purpose / application
    The measure is designed to perform precise, quick measurements inside and outside rooms. Distance measurement with a rangefinder in the range from 20 cm to 40 m and with a steel tape up to 5 m.
    Usage method
    According to the attached instruction manual.