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  • For reinforcing and repairing plastic parts such as cracks and/or fractures on surfaces, housing parts, inner corners and outer corners
    in a short time, a component is thus repaired in a dimensionally stable manner and prepared for further processing such as painting or filling
    LED lighting with high brightness to illuminate the work area
    3 different heating modes
    built-in microprocessor
    LED's provide information about the operating status such as power supply, overheating, short circuit or open circuit
    overheating protection and built-in acoustic warning signal
    extremely light and easy to use gun body
    heating staples with predetermined breaking point, a pair of pliers or side cutters is not required to shorten the staple protrusion
    heating rod holder for different repair staple diameters
    incl. soldering attachment for heating and welding of plastics
    input voltage: 100 - 240 V (50 - 60 Hz)
    power: 75 W
    housing material: polyamide (PA) glass fiber reinforced
    scope of delivery:

    1 hot stabler | with solderung attachment
    50 repair staples | for outside corners | 0.6 mm (BGS 73348)
    50 repair staples | for inside corners | 0.8 mm (BGS 73349)
    50 repair staples | flat | 0.6 mm (BGS 73350)
    50 repair staples | flat | 0.8 mm (BGS 73351)
    50 repair staples | wave shape | 0.6 mm (BGS 73352)
    50 repair staples | wave shape | 0.8 mm (BGS 73353)
    Technical data
    Length 406 mm
    Width 347 mm
    Height 100 mm
    Gross weight 2172 g