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Karšto oro pūtimo stotelė 750W Led ekranas su aušinimu

  • Karšto oro pūtimo stotelė 750W Led ekranas su aušinimu

    Kodas: YT-82457
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  • Product description
    HOT-AIR hot air station YT-82457 with a digital LED display, temperature control and functions that improve the comfort of work and easier to make correct soldering connections. The station is equipped with a handle with a blower driven by a brushless fan.

    power: 750W
    temperature range: 100 - 500 ° C
    temperature accuracy: + - 2 ° C
    temperature stabilization
    air flow: max 120 l / min
    smooth regulation of air flow
    brushless fan that ensures quiet operation
    automatic cooling and hibernation after putting the handle in the handle on the side of the station
    three dedicated buttons for saving temperature settings
    three round nozzles with diameters: 4.4mm, 8mm, 10mm
    square nozzle with a side: 12mm
    on-off button on the front
    fuse in the power socket
    The digital display with blue LED backlight informs about:
    the set point and then the actual temperature of the hot-air nozzle
    the station goes into sleep mode
    service messages
    Hot-Air handle with blowing powered brushless fan:

    nozzle holder diameter: 21mm
    ceramic heater
    cable length: 1m
    The YT-82457 hot blow soldering station is made in ESD-safe technology, which guarantees that excess electrostatic charge will not accumulate on the housing. Thanks to this, we limit the risk of damage to e.g. sensitive SMD circuits. Heats up to operating temperature of 350 ° C in about 6 seconds.

    The temperature stabilization function allows you to maintain the desired airflow temperature in various conditions of heat demand for the proper soldering connection. Thanks to the temperature sensor built into the heater, the real temperature of the air blown from the nozzle is read on an ongoing basis and compared to the set temperature. Then, depending on the needs, the station increases or reduces the power consumption to maintain the set temperature.

    The automatic cooling function combined with the hibernation function allows the hot-air module to cool the nozzle to 100 ° C and then go into sleep mode. After the work is done, the operator should put the handle in a plastic handle with a built-in sensor activating element, then the nozzle cools down and automatically hibernates. Lifting the handle from the handle automatically activates the hot-air module to the previously set parameters.

    The memory settings function allows you to save your favorite temperature settings for up to three memory channels. After saving, the operator can quickly switch to previously saved settings.

    Weight [g]: 900
    Power [W]: 750
    Warm-up time [s]: 6 s to 350 ° C
    Max temperature of the tip [° C]: 500