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Karbiuratoriaus purkštukų valymo įrankių rinkinys

  • Karbiuratoriaus purkštukų valymo įrankių rinkinys

    Kodas: JC16T
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    Essen Tools
  • Perfect tools for clearing out blockages or obstructions in the narrow passage of auto motorcycle carburetor Also perfect tools for cleaning Glasses, Tubes, Keyboards, Home Appliances and so on Comes with a detachable key ring for convenient hanging and easy storage
    Carburetor cleaning kit, Non-universal,only fit Carburetor Engine Moto, Carbon Dirt Deposit Remove
    These cleaner tool are intended for all Auto motorcycels, atv and many other power sport carburetor
    Package includes: 10 cleaning needles + 5 brushes, 1pc carburetor tool kit.
    Overall length: 4.53inch (115 mm), brush diameters: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7 mm