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    Kodas: YT-70021
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  • Product description
    YATO YT-70021 upholstery stapler. Designed for fast joining of various materials such as wood with fabric, cardboard, paper or leather. Used in upholstery, roofing, decorating, building finishes, etc. It combines materials with high-staple steel staples or nails. The stapler is designed to drive typical steel rectangular staples in the 6-14mm range and 15mm nails. Stapler with adjustable hammer spring pressure - adjustable impact force. It also features a staple cutter and a carrying handle on the strap.
    Technical data
    Index number YT-70021
    Brand Yato
    Quantity [pcs] 1
    Material aluminum, carbon steel
    Dimensions [mm] 6-14x11,3x1,2mm; 15x1,2mm
    Height [mm] of staples 6-14; Nails 15mm