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  • Įrenginys deimantiniam gręžimui su stovu 2200W

    Kodas: YT-81983
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    Product description
    The YT-81983 industrial diamond drilling rig is designed for drilling in reinforced concrete, concrete and natural stone. This type of device is necessary in the hydraulic industry for drilling for sewage pipes passing through building ceilings, as well as during the installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC industry) and heat pumps, or storm sewerage (drilling in circles).

    In the above-mentioned applications, it is necessary to make serial drillings with diameters of more than 200mm or of considerable length (from 1m to even approx. 4m for the renovation of monuments, rainwater drainage or resin injection during the renovation of bridges and other engineering structures).

    The new Yato drill rig combines solid workmanship comparable to other branded drill rigs with a drilling range of up to 300mm and an actual power of 2800W.

    The construction of the device is based on a planetary gear, in which the quality of the steel used to build the gears (hardness 53-56 HRC) determines durability with high torque at the same time. This enables drilling in a wide range of diameters, even in the hardest materials.

    Technical data:

    Power: 2800W
    Rotation: 700 rpm
    Drilling range: 32 to 300mm
    Tool holder: UNF thread 1 ¼ '' (standard)
    Dry / wet operation
    Rotor and stator windings are 100% copper
    Residual current protection with reset button
    Motor thermal protection
    The tripod is complete with the drive
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