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  • Hidraulinis kranas 1000kg.

    Kodas: 11999
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  • Description
    heavy duty crane for daily garage use
    suitable as an engine crane, for aligning components and machines or for lifting and holding loads in everyday workshop routine
    foldable for easy transport and space-saving storage
    with hand lever pump
    easy lifting and lowering by hydraulic cylinder
    easy to manoeuver with 4 castors and 2 heavy duty swivel castors
    load carrier on the boom with stable chain and safety load hook
    telescopic crane boom with 4-way adjustment options
    adjustable lifting arm has following 4 positions:
    rated load at 980 mm lifting arm length: 1000 kg
    rated load at 1070 mm lifting arm length: 750 kg
    rated load at 1160 mm lifting arm length: 500 kg
    rated load at 1250 mm lifting arm length: 250 kg
    lifting height at max. rated load: min. 178 mm | max. 1677 mm
    lifting piston: Ø 28 mm
    pump piston: Ø 12 mm
    pump lever: Ø 21.5 x 550 mm
    Technical data
    Length 1540 mm
    Width 1040 mm
    Height 1450 mm
    Packaging suitable for wall hanging No
    Gross weight 68600 g
    Weight 65 kg
    Operating temperature 4 - 41 °C