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  • Guolių presavimo rinkinys - 52vnt.

    Kodas: SK1352
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    Essen Tools
  • Suitable for mounting of bearings, sealing rings and rubbers
    Particularly useful when using with hydraulic presses
    The discs go from 18mm (25/32) all the way to 65mm (2-9/16") in 1mm increments plus 2-29/32" 74mm
    All discs are connected with a 12mm shaft & screw which quickly connects to a 180mm 7-1/2" handle
    All 50 pieces are interchangeable with each other so you get 2450 different size variations

    Kit Includes:
    1x Disc Connector (12mm x 45mm)
    1x Handle (12mm x 180mm)
    49x Discs Pads
    23/32"(18mm) 1.11/16"(43mm)
    3/4"(19mm) 1.23/32"(44mm)
    25/32"(20mm) 1.25/32"(45mm)
    27/32"(21mm) 1.13/16"(46mm)
    7/8"(22mm) 1.27/32"(47mm)
    29/32"(23mm) 1.15/16"(48mm)
    1"(25mm) 1.31/32"(49mm)
    1.1/32"(26mm) 2"(50mm)
    1.1/16"(27mm) 2.1/32"(51mm)
    1.3/32"(28mm) 2.1/16"(52mm)
    1.5/32"(29mm) 2.1/8"(53mm)
    1.3/16"(30mm) 2.3/32"(54mm)
    1.7/32"(31mm) 2.5/32"(55mm)
    1.1/4"(32mm) 2.7/32"(56mm)
    1.9/32"(33mm) 2.1/4"(57mm)
    1.11/32"(34mm) 2.9/32"(58mm)
    1.3/8"(35mm) 2.11/32"(59mm)
    1.13/32"(36mm) 2.3/8"(60mm)
    1.15/32"(37mm) 2.13/32"(61mm)
    1.1/2"(38mm) 2.7/16"(62mm)
    1.17/32"(39mm) 2.1/2"(63mm)
    1.19/32"(40mm) 2.17/32"(64mm)
    1.5/8"(41mm) 2.9/16"(65mm)
    1.21/32"(42mm) 2.29/32"(74mm)