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  • Guminis plaktukas ratų nukalimui 5,5 kg

    Kodas: YT-46273
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  • Product description
    HEAVY DUTY HAMMER 5.5 kg - with a special construction that suppresses and minimizes the recoil created during impact.

    • a bladder filled with steel shots and covered with a thick layer of elastic material, permanently connected to a strong stem

    • handle covered with a non-slip cover, ensuring a secure and secure grip
    • core made of damage-resistant material based on glass fibers
    • unique design means that even the strongest impact does not generate reflection and does not damage materials, eg curbs, stone building elements

    Weight: 5.5 kg, total length: 800 mm, size: 180 x 110 x 110 mm

    Purpose / use
    Hammers of this type, depending on the weight, are used in industry, transport, construction, assembly and paving works. Even the strongest hit does not generate reflection
    and does not damage the material eg curbs or stone building elements.
    Heavy rubber recoil hammers are used when replacing tires in trucks and large construction machines are standard equipment for tire services.
    The specific and increasingly popular use of heavy recoilless hammers is the sports training of the so-called CROSS FIT.
    Technical data
    Index number YT-46273
    EAN 5906083028021
    Brand Yato
    PCS unit
    Gross weight (kg) 5.7500
    Master Carton MC 2
    Pal 64
    Fiberglass core material
    Weight [kg] 5.5
    Rubber head material
    Length [mm] 800