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  • Gulsčiukas Torpedo su atstumo matuokliu Led

    Kodas: YT-30340
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  • Mark Yato
    Symbol YT-30340
    Series GRE
    Dimensions 230x20x47mm
    Material ABS, aluminum
    Libelle 2
    Laser Yes
    Laser class 2
    Laser wavelength 630-670nm
    Laser indication type linear
    Color of the laser pointer red
    Operating temperature range 10~40 ˚C
    Storage temperature 0~50 ˚C
    Power supply rechargeable
    Magnet YES
    Length 230mm
    Mass 200 g
    Display type LED
    Battery capacity 300 mAh
    Laser accuracy ±3mm/0.5-20m
    Laser power ˂ 1 mW
    Functions distance measurement (single, continuous), vertical or horizontal marking, level illumination
    Number of magnets 3
    Battery voltage 3.7 V d.c.
    Battery type Li-Ion
    Charger USB Type-C
    Working range 10 m
    Battery energy 1.11 Wh
    Automatic shutdown 3 min

    Electronic torpedo level 230 mm with a laser used to measure distances and determine a horizontal or vertical line. The rangefinder can operate in stationary or dynamic mode (distance change during measurement). Possibility to measure from the front or back edge. The results are displayed on the LCD screen. A groove (prism) is cut out in the upper surface of the housing. The spirit level has two glass vials that can be illuminated independently of each other. There are 3 strong magnets mounted in the base. Body made of aluminum section, housing made of ABS.

    laser accuracy: ± 3 mm / 0.5-20 m
    laser: class 2, red color
    automatic shutdown after 3 minutes
    operating temperature: 10 to 40 ˚C
    power supply: 300 mAh 3.7 V lithium batteries
    dimensions: 230x20x47 mm