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  • Grąžtas metalui HSS dvipusis - 3,0mm.

    Kodas: YT-40010
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  • Product description
    Double-sided ground drill with a wide range of applications in industry and trade. Perfect for drilling in thin sheets and metal as well as in plastics, including for car bodies, body assembly, drilling holes for rivets in metal parts.

    HSS steel provides several times faster drilling and retains resistance to damage and blunting, maintaining drill geometry
    "split point" cross blade with 135 ° point angle allows drilling without prior scoring, ensuring perfect centering
    Double-sided tip angle extends drill bit life
    ground surface and edges according to DiN 338 standard provide excellent drilling precision and perfect dimensions of the drilled hole
    a lower coefficient of friction limits adhesion to chips and filings
    Diameter [mm]: 3
    Material: HSS
    Length [mm]: 46
    Handle: Cylindrical
    Working width [mm]: 9.5