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  • Grandininė gervė uždaro tipo 3M, 3T

    Kodas: 80753
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  • Indekso numeris 80753
    EAN 5906083807534
    Gamintojas Vorel
    Bendras svoris (kg) 19,5000
    Galia [kg] 3000
    Kėlimo aukštis [m] 2,5

    Product description
    Vorel chain winch. It has a manual drive and an efficient planetary gear that allows you to lift a maximum weight of 500 to 3,000 kg. Chain made of high quality steel. Combined cells by means of resistance welding, which guarantees the appropriate quality and strength of the weld. The cells are also calibrated to provide the right shape and dimensions for each of them and to test their strength. The winch is equipped with secure hooks, which have a lock that prevents the discharge of the load.
    Destination / Application
    For lifting heavy objects weighing up to 3000 kg at a height of about 2.5 m.
    Contents of the package
    - chain winch
    - user manual
    - Warranty Card

    Technical data
    Index Number 80753
    EAN 5906083807534
    Marka Vorel
    PCS unit
    Gross Weight (kg) 19.5000
    Master Carton MC 1
    Pal 40
    Pull [kg] 3000
    Lifting height [m] 2.5