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Elektroninės triukšmo ausinės su išmania klausos apsaugos sistema

  • Elektroninės triukšmo ausinės su išmania klausos apsaugos sistema

    Kodas: YT-74625
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    Product description
    Active noise-reducing ear muffs YT-74625 with an intelligent module amplifying quiet sounds of the environment. When working in the ear muffs with the module on, we can hear just like without them. However, if the level of the ambient noise level exceeds 82dB, then the intelligent hearing protection will react quickly and disconnect the module for the duration of excessive noise. Working in earmuffs with the module switched off guarantees a reduction of the noise level by 28 dB. The earpieces can be connected, for example, to some smartphones using the included jack cable. Thanks to the built-in AUX port and two directional microphones with noise reduction, it is possible, for example, to make phone calls.


    suppression efficiency: SNR 28 dB
    battery life: 30 hours
    charging time: 3.5 hours
    Lithium-polymer (Li-Po) battery with a capacity of 750mAh enables operation also at low temperatures and is characterized by high mechanical strength
    weight: about 350 grams

    large and wide pillows spread the pressure over a larger area of ​​the head and do not put pressure on the auricles
    flat, adjustable headband with a width of 35 mm with a flexible support distribute the pressure over a larger surface of the head, which makes the headband almost imperceptible even after several hours of work
    Pillow dimensions:

    dimension A: approx. 35 mm
    dimension B: approx. 70 mm
    Pillow dimension


    turning on and off the soft sounds amplification module and adjusting the volume level is done using the knob on the right dome
    in case of connection to the device via a jack cable, the ambient sound amplification module works in parallel, to turn it off, use the volume control knob
    audible low battery alarm
    The energy-saving system will turn off the earpieces after 2 hours of not using any of the functions
    micro USB charging port with red / green led indicator
    50 cm long USB charging cable
    3.5mm AUX port
    3.5 mm jack cable with a length of 110 cm

    The module for amplifying the quiet sounds of the environment will make you hear the instructor's instructions at the shooting range, while the sound of the shot will be suppressed by as much as 28 decibels. When working in various production plants with machines generating high noise, connecting the earpieces to a smartphone with a jack cable will enable telephone communication, and in the case of walking a few meters from the noise source, free face-to-face communication

    Protective and noise-reducing earmuffs protect the operator against harmful noise by lowering the sound level measured in decibels by the value of the SNR parameter. The upper limit for an 8-hour working day is set at 85 dB. If the average noise measurements at the workplace exceed this value, then you should have ear muffs with the SNR parameter that will allow the noise level to be reduced to 85 dB or less. Assuming that we will work all the time in earmuffs with the SNR 32 parameter and in a working environment with a noise level of 116 dB, then we will reduce the noise to 84 dB.

    If the operator wears the earmuffs for longer than a dozen or so minutes, then it is worth paying more attention to the structural elements improving the comfort of wearing them. Sufficiently wide sealing cushions made of skin-friendly materials should fit the entire auricle of the user. The soft headband cushion will ease the pressure on the top of the head. On the other hand, the force with which the earmuffs adhere to the head affects not only comfort, but also the effectiveness of damping, so for continuous operation, it is worth choosing earmuffs with not necessarily the highest available, but appropriately selected SNR parameter.

    Protection category: III
    SNR suppression value [db]: 28