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  • Elektrinis oblius 110mm. / 1300W

    Kodas: YT-82144
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  • Powerful electric plane for carpentry and roofing works. It enables planing roof truss elements - posts, rafters, masonry, correction of batten thickness, shaping of countertop surfaces. It also allows you to make skirting boards with a perfectly smooth surface yourself - just align the boards with the right size.


    single machining thanks to high speed of 16,000 rpm
    good balance and ergonomic design ensure comfort of use
    planing width 110 mm and depth up to 3.5 mm allow to remove more material in one work movement
    adjustable depth of cut every 0.1 mm with a knob with easy access
    planing depth stop
    rebate depth: 11 mm
    shaft drive with a durable multi-ribbed belt
    comfortable handle increases comfort of work
    additional handle increases the user's comfort and precision of planing
    the parking foot protects against unwanted material processing and blade damage
    bilateral chip ejection
    a dust extraction adapter allows you to keep your workplace clean
    rubberized cable, 3 m long
    Planing width [mm]: 110
    Power [W]: 1300