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  • Elektrinis ilgintuvas 4 lizdai 1,5m.1,5mm²

    Kodas: 72353
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  • Number of slots: 4
    Extension cord type: Office
    Grounding: Yes
    Length [m]: 1.5
    Conductor cross-section: 1.5 mm²
    Number of cores [pcs]: 3
    Type of insulation: VV-F
    Product description
    STHOR 72353 extension cord with grounded sockets, childproof lock and a power cut-off switch in all sockets. A solid three-core cable with increased cross-sections in a PVC sheath makes the extension cord can be used both at home and in the office. It can easily power demanding receivers such as a kettle, electric grill, iron, vacuum cleaner, food processor for mixing cakes or meat grinding, etc. The housing is made of high-quality plastic with holes and mounting brackets in the rear part, allowing the extension cord to be attached, for example, to a table top or wall .

    rated voltage and frequency: ~ 230 / 50Hz
    maximum load ~ 230V: 3500 W
    three-core copper cable with a cross-section of 1.5 mm²
    PVC insulation is highly resistant to mechanical damage and most solvents
    Child protection in the form of plastic flaps and a special mechanism make it difficult to access the openings in the socket
    blue backlight of the switch
    the ergonomic shape of the plug makes it easy to pull it out of the socket quickly and easily
    H05VV-F designation means a sheathed cable made according to the harmonized standard (H), rated voltage 300 / 500V (05), PVC insulation (V), PVC sheath (V) and flexible stranded conductors (-F).

    Number of slots: 4
    Extension cord type: office
    Grounding: yes
    Length [m]: 1.5
    Conductor cross-section: 1.5 mm²
    Number of wires [pcs]: 3
    Type of insulation: VV-F