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  • Domkratas ant ratukų hidraulinis 3.0T

    Kodas: 7873
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  • Description

    dual lifting piston
    low headroom, thus particularly suitable for vehicles with low ground clearance
    high mobility in connection with two oil and acid-resistant steel swivel castors
    safe and precise control when lifting and lowering, simple operation with the lifting rod
    compact design
    two-part lever tube, bottom part with rubber protector
    rubber pad made of oil-resistant rubber

    front wheel dimensions: Ø 60 x 46 mm
    rear wheel dimensions: Ø 60 x 30 mm
    lifting pad diameter: 110 mm

    Technical data
    Length 648 mm
    Width 344 mm
    Packaging suitable for wall hanging No
    Gross weight 34000 g
    Lever length 1247 mm
    Lifting height max. 510 mm
    Lifting height min. 75 mm
    Rated load capacity 3 t

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