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    Kodas: SK3596
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    Essen Tools
  • "It can be used to adjust the tension on the cam belt where the movement of timing belt is measured by load (NM).
    Suitable for use on various cam belt widths
    Clear incremental marking with knurled knob for precise measurement • Dual scale allows reading from top or bottom of tool
    Timing belt tension checking tool for use on timing belts in vehicles where the manufacturer specifies that the timing belt tension be set according to newton-meters, at a specific location on the belts span between pulleys.
    Applications include Porsche 928, 924 & 944, Audi V-6 and V-8 engines, certain Volkswagen engines, and others as noted in your service manual.
    This tool measures the tension that it takes to depress the timing belt, allowing you to adjust the position of the timing belt tensioner pulley to precisely the right spot. Use of this tool speeds up the timing belt installation process because it eliminates the guess work in properly adjusting the timing belt, keeping you from having a belt that chatters from being too loose, or howls once hot, from being too tight."