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  • Dinamometrinis raktas (1/2") 40 - 220Nm.

    Kodas: 2827
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  • Description
    suitable for tightening to set torque for screwed connections with right-hand thread
    reversible ratchet with narrow head shape
    ratchet mechanism, reversible
    fine tooth, 72 teeth
    easy locking and unlocking at the handle
    lasered line scale with fine adjustment for the respective setting value
    optimally designed, serrated steel handle for easy setting of the desired torque value, as well as a secure grip of the tool handle
    clearly audible release signal
    comes in a in round, screwable plastic box
    fine scale: 1 Nm
    trigger clockwise: yes
    trigger counter clockwise: no
    Technical data
    Drive profile size, metric 12,5 mm
    Drive profile size, inch 1/2 "
    Output profile External square
    Length 525 mm
    Width 38 mm
    Gross weight 1412 g
    Max. torque 220 Nm
    No. of teeth in ratchet head 72
    Release accuracy +/- 3 %
    Min. torque 40 Nm