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Degiklis su plieniniu antgaliu 800mm. / 30mm.

  • Degiklis su plieniniu antgaliu 800mm. / 30mm.

    Kodas: YT-36742
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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  • Product description
    Weed burner. Burner with a steel nozzle fi 30 mm. Steel lance with a total length of approx. 80 cm. Adjusting the gas flow with a knob. Burner attached to a press-fit cylinder with a cylinder clamp locking knob. A piezoelectric igniter is mounted on the lance.
    Purpose / application
    Burner for easy and effective removal of weeds. Particularly useful in places where we do not mow with a mower, e.g. at fences, on alleys between stones, etc.