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  • Daugiafunkcinių replių ir izoliuotų antgalių rinkinys 191vnt.

    Kodas: YT-23133

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  • Product description
    Insulated connector set with multifunctional pliers YT-23133. The pliers body is made of A3 steel, and the insulation strippers are made of durable hardened tool steel of Cr12MoV alloy. Handles secured with two-component plastic caps. The harder PP component adheres firmly to the body, and the TPR outer part is pleasant to the touch and has non-slip properties. The pliers were protected against corrosion using the oxidation method. The design of the pliers allows you to strip insulation both from the ends and from the center of the wire. The depth limiter is useful when installing cables, e.g. in connectors or wago blocks.

    fast and automatic stripping mechanism for both flat and round cables in the range from 0.2 mm2 to 6.0 mm2
    the ends of the working jaws are made of durable Cr12MoV tool steel
    possibility of cutting wires
    crimp connectors can be crimped
    possibility of crimping insulated connectors
    Pliers YT-23133 application table:



    multifunctional pliers for insulation and crimping connectors
    red and blue insulated connectors, type mesh: 20 pcs
    red and blue insulated connectors fork type: 20 pieces each
    red and blue insulated connectors female sleeve type: 20 pcs
    red and blue insulated connectors male slips type: 20 pieces each
    red and blue insulated connectors: 10 pcs
    red insulated sleeve-pins piggy-back: 10 pieces
    Size [mm]: 205
    Type: Manual
    Application: Electric
    Size [inch]: 8