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Daugiafunkcinė skaitmeninė kampinė liniuotė / gulsčiukas 4 viename

  • Daugiafunkcinė skaitmeninė kampinė liniuotė / gulsčiukas 4 viename

    Kodas: DAR4
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    Essen Tools
  • 1, 4 in 1 multi-functional.
    A: Measuring angle 0-999.95°; B: Inscribing length: 190mm/7 inches; C: Horizontal vertical measurement; D: Planar universal measurement.
    2, Widely used in woodworking furniture, building materials decoration, schools, home DIY, machining and other fields.
    3, thickened and widened ruler body, using super strength nylon fiberglass engineering material, good rigidity, wear resistance, no deformation, no scratching hands, lightweight and durable.
    4, thickened knob, easy to tighten, convenient and reliable measurement.
    5, Full-screen oversized LCD display of measurement data, easy and convenient to read.
    6, display unit: degrees and degrees and minutes arbitrary conversion
    7, Any position can be zeroed, convenient for absolute and relative measurement.
    8、Any position can hold data, convenient for reading after measurement.
    9、With automatic power-off function, saving power consumption and prolonging battery life.
    10, Flat back of the ruler body, convenient for scribing and measuring.
    11, CR2032 3V lithium battery power supply, superb endurance.
    12, High resolution: 0.05°/3'
    13, Accuracy: 0.5°
    14, Product external size: 230*35*25mm"