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Darbo stalas su lentyna nerūdijantis plienas 800x700xH850+100mm. bortelis

  • Darbo stalas su lentyna nerūdijantis plienas 800x700xH850+100mm. bortelis

    Kodas: YG-09030
    Šią prekę turime sandėlyje.
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    Profesionalių įrankių linija.

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  • Adjustable table YATO with a shelf, dimensions 800 (W) x 700 (D) x 850 (H).

    The adjustable table with a shelf is made of high-quality SS201 stainless steel, adapted for use in gastronomy in conditions of intensive use.
    Carefully made welded joints and smooth surfaces make it very easy to clean.
    The table top is made of 0.8 mm thick solid sheet metal with additional reinforcing profiles. In addition, the top is reinforced from the bottom with a 20mm thick laminated wooden board, which stiffens and dampens it, and at the same time is resistant to moisture. Thanks to this, the table top can reach a load capacity of up to 150 kg.
    The table top at the back has an additional 100 mm high rim, thanks to which, after the table is placed against the wall, it prevents food residues from falling behind the table, significantly increasing work hygiene.
    In addition, the fixed bottom shelf is very functional and allows you to fully use the working space. Its load capacity of up to 35 kg allows you to store handy dishes and devices.
    The table legs are made of round profiles and have a height adjustment of +/- 15mm, which allows the table to be leveled even on uneven surfaces. In addition, they have plastic pads that protect the floor against scratching.
    A very important advantage of the YATO table is the turning system used. When packed, the table fits in a small cardboard box, thanks to which the transport costs are relatively low. It also takes up little space in the warehouse. The table folding process, on the other hand, is very quick and easy. The solutions used guarantee a very stable structure that is rigid and durable.
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